Su Ying


Fitness Training

for Older Adults

(a balanced approach to wellness)

Su Ying Fitness

Su Ying works with all levels of fitness, all generations, with a special emphasis on older adults.  She focuses on whole body wellness with a unique combination of Eastern and Western styles.

Personal Training

Clients appreciate the choice of training in their home or at the health club.

Integrated Approach

Su Ying offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western styles. She combines the mind-body practices of Pilates, tai chi and yoga, with Western exercise forms such as aerobics and weight training. It’s a holistic approach to fitness that benefits the mind and body!

Core Focus

Core strength is the foundation of physical health. Exercises targeting the abs, glutes, lower back, and sides are a focal point of Su Ying’s methodology.

Personalized for You

Knowing your goals and condition, Su Ying creates a highly individualized program for you, not a “cookie-cutter” training plan.

Su Ying helps guide you to success by watching your progress, making adjustments to your program, and encouraging you at every step.