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Fitness Training

for Older Adults

(a balanced approach to wellness)

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Here’s what clients say about Su Ying

“Thank you for your inspiration, patience, good listening skills, motivational techniques, and realistic assessment, helping me to achieve my goals. Your program helped me establish my fitness goals, adopt a healthy exercise program and examine my eating habits. . I couldn't have done it without your skill, guidance and expertise. You are an excellent trainer with a real gift in helping clients achieve their fitness goals.”

“As a senior citizen, it was difficult in the beginning but with Su Ying's encouragement I persisted. Today, I am in very good shape for my age and feel wonderful. Due to being in much better condition, I am able to enjoy life to the fullest and even my golf game has improved!!”

"Su Ying is very sensitive to your personal needs.  Being over 70, having two artificial knees and an artificial hip, she helped me through some very difficult times.  She is very encouraging and reinforcing in her gentle way."

“In almost three years of training with Su Ying, I have never felt as good or as strong as I do now at age 46! My back issues are gone and I can do things that I never could do even as a teenager!”

“I don’t always make time for taking care of myself, but you have been gentle in persuading me to take time for myself!”

“I really like Su Ying as a personal trainer. I have health issues (diabetes and back) which cause me considerable problem. By strengthening my core muscles and general level of fitness I look and feel better.”

“Su Ying has exceptional knowledge of fitness and how the body works. She connects with people easily, make them feel at home with where they are and what they can do or not do. She is delightful to be with. Su Ying is inspiring, encouraging, respectful and kind. And yet, she is firm and direct in wanting fitness and strength for the people she serves.”

“Su Ying spent some quality upfront time understanding my fitness goals and then used that information to design a fitness program that would help me meet those goals. She is a fun, energizing, challenging personal trainer, and I would highly recommend her.”

"Su Ying is a serious fitness coach but at the same time makes me feel like I am working out with an old friend. I enjoy her stories of encouragement. I particularly like the stories about life in China and how even very elderly people exercise daily and what a benefit it is to them."

"Su Ying is the best! She seems to have somehow found the perfect balance between being able to be an effective trainer while still making you feel like you are her best friend.!"

"I never felt self-conscious during our training sessions even though I had a lot to feel self conscious about! I really enjoy working out in the privacy of my own home."

"When I started to work with Su Ying, I was having back trouble. I was afraid to do back exercises. Su worked with me and we came up with a routine that I felt comfortable doing. I stuck to it and in time; my back trouble pretty much disappeared."

“I’m 55 years old and don’t want or need to be given a cookie-cutter program designed for one age group only. With Su Ying’s guidance and carefully tailored individual programs, I have gained body strength, flexibility, confidence, and energy"

Real People.  Real Stories.